Jean-Paul Jacquet is an American painter, sculptor, published illustrator, and educator. He lives in Pomfret, Connecticut, with his wife and two children, where he is Artist in Residence at Pomfret School.  His work can best be described as expressive, figurative, culturally and socially driven, and often exemplifies his keen observation skills as he assesses the chaotic world around him as well as the nuances of “the little things in life.”   His artwork is also influenced by his travels, as he spent his earliest years in Nigeria, is a citizen of France, and continues to be a globe trotter whenever given the opportunity.

In addition to his work at Pomfret, Jean-Paul also spends his summers running and teaching at L’Atelier au Chateau, an art retreat for teens in France.  Learn more about the program at www.drawinginfrance.com 

CONTACT JP:    jjacquet@pomfret.org